July 27 – Dr. Nishi Rajakaruna!

This is Chip.  We woke up early, like 6 or even 5:30.  I do not remember as it was super early.  Our plan was to take the slow, coastal rode from Old Orchard Beach to Bar Harbor.  But, we needed to meet my friend and Cal Poly colleague at College of the Atlantic (COA) on Bar Harbor Island for lunch.  We had some work to do.

We stopped a few times on the way to Bar Harbor.  Once to take a photo of a giant inflatable lobstah atop a restaurant.  I did not even ask Beth if she wanted to as I knew she did.  She loves taking pictures of our family members next to big things (e.g. apples, crabs, safety pins, etc.).   We have a whole photo book full of such pictures.

We then stopped sometime later for breakfast in Rockland, home of Maine’s Lobster Festival (July 31 to August 4 – we are going to miss it this year, shoot!).  We had breakfast and walked around for a little while and then got on the road.

We got to Bar Harbor and COA at around 1.  It was great to see Nishi and we had lunch on the porch of the admin building of COA, which is an old stone mansion.  Most of the buildings on campus are converted houses and cottages and the property is on the coast overlooking Bar Island.  It is an awesome place.   Nishi is an alum both as a student and a faculty member so he knows most people in town as well as Mount Desert Island and COA very well.  The college has 250 or so students and about 30 faculty and they focus on environmental studies.  Not bad for $50k/year.

After lunch, Nishi drove us around the island and we stopped at some cool spots, like Seawall (see photos below).  We also stopped at the main towns on the island like NE Harbor, SW Harbor, and Bar Harbor.

After the island tour, we got dinner and ice cream in Bar Harbor.  It was busy there.  Five ice cream shops within one block of each other and each one had a line out the door, jeepers!

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